How To Tell If Your Truck's Power Steering Is Going Out

Having access to a truck gives you the convenience of being able to haul heavy loads and tow trailers as you go about your daily business. Trucks can weigh more than a passenger car, especially when laden down with a full load. This means that being able to properly maneuver a truck is critical when it comes to maintaining safety and performance.

Here are three symptoms that you need to be watching for in order to determine if your truck's power steering is going out in the future.

1. Power steering fluid that is in poor condition.

Your truck's power steering system relies on fluid to help lubricate the moving parts within the system. The condition of this fluid can tell you a lot about the health of your truck's power steering system.

You should check the power steering fluid to see if it still has its red color. If the fluid appears gray or black, this could be a sign that oxidation has occurred and there is air inside your power steering system. Be sure that you are also checking your power steering fluid for flakes of metal, as these could indicate serious degradation of the truck's power steering components.

2. Power steering fluid that is leaking.

As you pull your truck out of its parking spot in the morning, pay close attention to the pavement below where the truck was parked. If you see any reddish liquid staining the ground, this could indicate that there is a power steering fluid leak within your truck.

Leaks can significantly reduce the level of fluid running through your power steering system, resulting in premature damage. Leaks can also allow air to enter into the power steering system, which can cause components within the system to malfunction.

3. Vibrations in your steering wheel.

If you notice that your truck's steering wheel suddenly begins vibrating, this could be a sign that the power steering system is in need of some attention. The drive belt is responsible for sending power to the power steering pump, and this belt needs the right amount of tension in order to function properly.

If your truck's drive belt slips, then you will notice an increase in the vibration in your steering wheel. Take your truck to a mechanic to have the drive belt repaired before tension issues cause damage to your vehicle's power steering pump.

Being able to identify potential problems with your truck's power steering system will allow you to have these issues repaired before they become a safety hazard. Contact a company like Spring Suspension & Alignment Services to learn more.