3 Reasons Every Construction Company Needs Dump Trailers & A Guide To Trailer Options

Whether you have owned a construction company for years or are just starting one, you need to learn all about dump trailers and the many ways this simple piece of equipment can make your job easier. This piece of equipment is often overlooked by new construction contractors as they are adding new pieces to their heavy equipment arsenals, but a simple dump trailer has many more uses than you likely imagine. 

Read on to learn 3 reasons you need at least one dump trailer at every construction site your company is working on and a short guide to your dump trailer options. 

1. Dump Trailers Can Double as On-site Dumpsters

If you currently have rental dumpsters dropped off at every job site and then picked up on a regular basis as they fill with construction debris, then you know how large those dumpster rental bills can be. And of course, you need one for your heavy debris and one for lightweight trash, which can double your dumpster rental tab. 

Once your company owns a couple of dump trailers, you can stop renting those expensive dumpsters and paying someone else to dispose of your trash. You or an employee can simply haul the dump trailer to the job site and then detach it from the truck; once it is filled with debris, you or one of your workers can simply re-attach it to a pickup truck and haul it to the nearest landfill. 

2. Dump Trailers Can Also Take the Place of Flatbed Trailers

If the only haulers you and your employees currently have are the beds of your pickup trucks, then you have likely been considering investing in a flatbed trailer. However, if you are in need of a flatbed trailer to haul materials to and from construction sites, then it can be a great idea to invest in a dump trailer instead. Dump trailers can be lightweight enough to also double as flatbed trailers, and anything you would need to haul in a flatbed trailer could also be hauled in a dump trailer. 

Your dump trailer can also be used to haul your smaller pieces of heavy equipment, such as mini excavators, to and from construction sites easily if you choose one with a rear ramp. 

3. Dumping Is a Breeze When You Choose a Dump Trailer with Hydraulics

Of course, along with doubling as both a job-site dumpster and flatbed trailer, you will use your dump trailer to dump. Without a dump trailer, when disposing of job-site debris and trash that your dumpsters cannot hold or when you need to move supplies to a new location, you and your workers may be hauling them in your trucks and having to unload them by hand. 

A hydraulic dump trailer can do all of the unloading work for you and your employees quickly and efficiently, so your crew is not exhausted from simply unloading materials at a new construction site before you even begin the job. Dump trailers are especially handy when transporting large loads of bricks, gravel, timber, and even flooring materials. 

Dump Trailer Options for Construction Business Use

When choosing a dump trailer that works well for your construction needs, the two main decisions you will need to make are the size trailer(s) that will work best for you and the axle style of the trailer. However, when you browse dump trailers online or at your local equipment store, you will come across many additional features that you will want to consider to help your trailer fits your needs perfectly, such as a rear ramp that makes loading and unloading equipment easier. 

Dump trailers come in several sizes, but the most popular options are 4x6 feet, 5x8 feet, and 8x20 feet. Each trailer also has a maximum load weight, which you will want to take into consideration when choosing the trailer that is right for you; typically, the larger the trailer, the heavier the load it can handle. However, the maximum load will vary depending on the make and style of the trailer. 

Dump trailer axle options include straight-axle trailers and drop-axle trailers. Straight-axle trailers sit higher from the ground than drop-axle trailers (although this can also vary by make and model). If you plan to purchase a dump trailer with a rear ramp that makes unloading equipment easier, then a drop-axle trailer will make unloading easier and safer. 

If you own or operate a construction company, then you need a few dump trailers in your equipment arsenal. They have many uses that will make life easier for you and your workers and help you save money on dumpster rental fees.