Keeping Your Suspension System Working For Ride, Handling, And Peace Of Mind

Your suspension system carries the weight of your car or truck and has a tough job. It is responsible for smoothing the ride as you travel over roads with bumps and imperfections on them. If not for the suspension, your car would ride like an old wagon with wooden wheels. If you are experiencing a rough ride or strange handling with your car, have the suspension system in the car check for damage or worn parts right away.  

Damage To Your Suspension  

You might be wondering how the suspension on your car could have gotten damaged and while the parts are pretty robust, they can be damaged by common obstacles you may encounter on the road. A tall speed bump that you hit too fast, a pothole in the road, or something that has fallen off a vehicle that you hit can all cause damage to the suspension. In many cases, it doesn't take a hard impact but rather an impact with just the right part of the system or at just the right angle to cause a problem.  

Inspecting The Suspension System  

If you suspect there could be a problem under the car, take the vehicle to a reputable repair shop like Gitt's Spring Company and have them go over the underside. They will likely put the car up on a lift so they can really check all the parts of the suspension. The springs, shocks, struts, control arms, and even the tires themselves make up the system. If any one item is not working right, it will affect the way the car drives. A failure in this system can cause an accident so you want to be sure that everything is correct.  

Ride and Handling   

The suspension system is responsible for smoothing out the bumps and keeping the car stable on the road. The ride and handling of the car depend greatly on the suspension components all working properly. If you have ever hit a bump and felt the front end of the car shake, you know it is not a good feeling. This is typically a result of worn components in the suspension.  

Other Affected Systems  

If you do have damage to the suspension, not repairing the components can lead to failures in other areas. A dent spring can make the car handle funny but it may also cause irregular wear on the tires, causing them to fail early. Saving a few dollars by not repairing damaged bushings or worn shocks might not be a cost saving at all if you are replacing tires more often.